New Titles on Amazon Prime and for license

Window Channel Network has released several new titles on the Yocalm  and Sleepwell Channel now showing on Amazon Prime Video.

Yocalm Channel’s world-leading experts from yoga, meditation and musical fields present engaging sessions that calm nerves, get blood flowing around the body and improves flexibility. Developed in collaboration with UK-based Yocalm Media and Window Channel Network, Yocalm Channel is designed for improved wellness and health. Yocalm Channel includes 39 titles, including select titles in Spanish, German and Japanese. All titles are available worldwide on Amazon.

yocalmwellness yocalm_new


Sleepwell Channel’s relaxation videos are designed for sleep and deep meditation, featuring extremely low light (dark screen) soothing HD videos with complementary natural white noise to aid in healthy sleep patterns. Produced with the oversight of some of the leading U.S. sleep experts, Sleepwell programs are designed with reduced exposure to blue-spectrum light waves which are known to suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms and interferes with REM sleep. Sleepwell Channel’s programs running time is from 60 minutes to nine hours, for a fully uninterrupted deep sleep. All titles are available worldwide on Amazon

Every day, more than 30,000 hours of Window Channel Network programs are viewed from across the street to around the world. Experience for yourself the Window Channel Network’s videos for the mind, body and spirit on Amazon Prime or license it for your healthcare facility, hotel, business or any setting where there is a need for relaxation and stress release.  For more information visit or

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Window Channel Network in Iceland and Croatia

The past two weeks we have been traveling through Iceland and Croatia recording footage for future films. Below are a few of pictures from our shoot; more footage and photos coming soon! #aweofnature #beautyofnature #beautifuliceland #beautifulcroatia #waterfall #sunset #glaciers

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New Sleepwell titles on Amazon Prime


Three new Sleepwell Channel videos are now available on Amazon Prime. These long-play videos (three and four hours) are designed to reduce the REM sleep inhibiting blue-spectrum light emitted from TV screens and monitors. By following the five stages of sleep patterns, these calming videos will help you relax into a deep sleep.

Filmed on location at the Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge,  South Carolina, Dick Key Island Florida Keys, Mackinac Island Michigan and Carmel California, these all capture the naturally occurring sounds of each location.

Created with assistance from sleep experts at Stanford Hospital and the Carolina HealthCare System, these titles join the increasingly popular Sleepwell Channel video series. Viewed over 100,000 times per week on and used in over 100 hospitals in the U.S., Sleepwell Channel helps viewers relax and enjoy a full and restful nights sleep.

Window Channel Network’s original relaxation and wellness video for healthcare and wellbeing includes Ventana Channel for relaxation, Yocalm Channel for guided meditation and yoga, The Spirit Window for religious and spiritual fulfillment, Sleepwell and Dreamwell for sleep and meditation, Nature Window with original music accompanyment and Kids World for children of all ages. The soon to be released Postcard Channel and Scenery Channel will feature engaging destination video. Visit Window Channel Network for more information.

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New Titles Available on

Window Channel Network has added multiple new titles on Amazon Prime. Included are new Spirit Window titles, Yocalm Channel titles. Now available are three-hour long titles including the low-light Sleepwell Programs for deep sleep and meditation. The Sleepwell Programs have been extremely popular among viewer suffering from anxiety and sleep-deprivation as well as PTSD and Tinnitus.  Click here for actual user comments.

Sleepwell_Bar Continue reading

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Window Channel Now Live on Amazon Prime in UK, Germany and Japan

Window Channel Network programming is now available for Amazon Prime Members in Germany, The United Kingdom  and  Japan Featured content includes the Ventana Channel, Spirit Window, Sleepwell, and Yocalm, including new long-play relaxation videos running up to 5-hours long.

“The ingestion process (getting the videos loaded onto these sites) was quite a process, as each video had to be re-edited and encoded to new Amazon HD specs for optimum playback quality” stated Jim Wilmer, Window Channel Network CEO.

“We are delighted to share the Window Channel Network brand across the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and from the initial results, the Window Channel is a hit in all three markets” continued Wilmer.

In Fall 2015, Window Channel Network was selected by Amazon to beta-test a new Ingestion Engine—an updated process for adding new content and managing existing titles. One of the features of the new system is that as the Window Channel adds new content each market will be automatically updated as new titles are released.

“We were honored to be selected from among the hundreds of studios that Amazon Prime works with to beta-test this new system.” stated Jim Wilmer, “It was a long and detailed process, however, the benefits will be appreciated by all amazon content providers-while providing a quicker to market benefit for Amazon Prime users”

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Window Channel Wins at Finisterra Film Festival in Lisbon

Window Channel Network Hospitality won 2nd place at the Finisterra Arrabida film art and tourism festival in Sesimbra Portugal in May. Jim and Linda Wilmer accepted the award on behalf of Window Channel co-founder, Mark Knight. Our promotional video for South America hotels was selected from 232 films submitted from 87 countries.



View our Wining Entry below



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Yocalm Now Available on Amazon Prime

Select Yocalm Channel programs are now available from Amazon Prime. Yocalm Channel is a collaboration between The Window Channel Network—the leading producer of ambient, scenic HD video, and UK-based Yocalm Studios, a world-leader in Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration On-Demand video. The Yocalm Channel includes 18 distinct programs featuring instruction from Yocalm’s leading Yogis with relaxing, meditative HD video visuals from the Window Channel Network. Included with healthcare and wellness professional license are an additional twelve live-class sessions including various levels of yoga instruction, yoga for sport, yoga for the bigger body and yoga for the non-ambulatory.

Five Yocalm programs are live on available to purchase as downloads, or viewed online (streaming) to your Smart TV, Kindle Fire, laptop computer, iPad or other connected device. Streaming is always Free for Amazon Prime members. Additional programs are coming online soon.

Visit, for more information about Yocalm Channel, or visit thewindowchannelstore for links to Amazon Prime

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Website Builder

Source: Website Builder

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Window Channel’s Newest Websites Are Live

Window Channel Network has updated their company website as well as the Store site for consumer purchases. These two new sites are more user-friendly, featuring easier navigation, more relevant content and better previews for all Window Channel programming. has content pages for each channel, as well as background information and links to all relevant Window Channel sites and social media. “We wanted to provide a more seamless experience for our web visitors reflecting the vibrance and relevance of The Window Channel experience for our healthcare and wellness communities.” stated Window Channel CEO Jim Wilmer. “Our new Store site better reflects our Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand presence” continued Wilmer.


Both sites include live chat for immediate response to questions and inquiries a as well as links to The Window Channels’ HD preview videos for all programming. The Store site features links to both and Vimeo On Demand for purchases, as well as a new “Relaxation Products” page which showcase relaxation and wellness products and services that are tested and favored by The Window Channel staff.

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Window Channel Goes Bi-Coastal Next Week!

Window Channel Network will be exhibiting at the GetWellNetwork conference in San Diego (Hotel del Coronado) where we will be celebrating the merger of two powerhouses in the Interactive Patient Care Network arena, GetWellNetwork from Bethesda MD and Skylight Healthcare Systems of San Diego. Window Channel Network has been a proud partner and sponsor for both organizations since 2008!.

We will also be exhibiting at Planetree Conference in Boston. Planetree is the oldest and largestbnwsm Patient Centric Care organization in the US and is expecting a record turnout of attendees this year. Window Channel Network has partnered with Swank Healthcare exhibiting together for the first time at Planetree. Swank is one of the largest distributors of Window Channel Network programming to hospitals (and cruise ships) around the world. Swank is the leading distributor of Hollywood feature films to non-theatrical users, and Window Channel Network is proud to be the sole provider of relaxation and wellness video in the Swank offering.   SwankHealthCareLogo

If we don’t see you in San Diego or Boston next week, we hope to see you at the Beryl Institute Conference in Dallas or GetWellNetwork’s GetConnected conference in Philadelphia next year.

Jim and Mark

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